Sunday, December 12, 2010

Arvel Bird at the Pueblo Grande Indian Market

Yesterday we went to the Pueble Grande Indian Market to hear Arvel Bird and shop for Christmas presents at this Native American arts fair.   The site was the Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix.   Tents filled with pottery, jewelry, paintings, baskets, and other treasures lined the area.   Tribes from all over Arizona and surrounding states were represented.   There were so many beautiful pieces of jewelry.    I wish my pocketbook could support my taste!

Posted by PicasaArvel Bird is my favorite Native American musician.  I already had two of his albums and took advantage of the Market special to add another one.   He is Paiute and Irish, and he mines his heritage to create wonderful music.  More about him, and a sampling of his songs can be found at

We rode the Light Rail train into the Market, which was fun.  I love riding the train.   On the way back we stopped mid-way to have dinner at Switch,   Switch has great food and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. 
Music, culture, fine dining--it was a great day in the Big City.