Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sedona Christmas Shopping

     Sedona is one of Arizona's most beautiful places, especially this time of year.    When the red rocks are layered with snow they look magical.    Last week I had the chance to see the beginning of their winter season.
     We took a bus trip to Sedona for a day of Christmas shopping.   It had been warm and balmy for weeks during the day here, but a winter storm was descending on Arizona that Wednesday.     It was overcast and cloudy when we left Sun City Grand, which is rare here.   We are almost always sunny.   As we traveled up I-17 it began to rain.    By the time we reached Sedona it was still raining and in the 30Fs.   Brrrr! 
      Instead of walking around in the rain, we did the only sensible thing---we enjoyed an early lunch.   Oaxaca Restaurant was warm and inviting, with Christmas carols (in Spanish) playing in the background.   I ordered the Red Rock Omelet, which was both tasty and matched the scenery.  Here's the view out our window:

Snow is beginning to stick to the red rocks.
        Even though the weather wasn't great, Sedona was still beautiful.   As soon as the rain stopped, we began shopping. 
        After a couple of hours in downtown Sedona, we boarded the bus for Tlaquepaque Village.   What a great place!   Lots of little artisan shops and beautiful art galleries set in a wonderful Spanish villa.   
      They were featuring a "Festival of Trees".   Different groups and artists created themed Christmas trees.  The trees were being sold to raise money for Toys for Tots.    There were over 50 different trees (maybe more) in every imaginable theme--dogs, toys, cookies, adventure trips, etc.
      Two of my favorite trees were the Quilt tree and the Italian Glass Bead tree.   They are even prettier in real life, but I had to try a few pictures.

A close up of one of the ornaments and a picture of the tree skirt.

The tree is called "Together" and was designed by the Red Rock Quilters.
The Italian glass bead tree was created by an artist, but I didn't see the artist's name.

       What a wonderful way to raise money for children while giving the rest of us a treat, too.
        After the Festival of Trees we shop, shop, shopped.    There were art shops, Christmas shops, and even a bead store, Cocopah Beads.   What more could I want?
       We ended our great day the same way we started, in one of Sedona's best restaurants.     We stopped at Rene for a glass of wine and bit of bread.   On this trip we only had time for wine, but I would love to return for lunch or dinner.   It was warm, with beautiful Christmas decorations and soft music. 
         Too soon we were boarding the bus for home....but we'll be returning in the spring.