Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tree of Life

 tree of life: vector heart tree on white background Illustration

Tree of Life

     The idea of a Tree of Life exists in nearly every culture, religion, and tradition from ancient times to the present.  The Tree appears from the beginning in the Garden of Eden described in Genesis, and its bark plays a major role in the Iroquois creation.  Scientists, poets and artists all find something fascinating about the Tree.  Charles Darwin discussed the concept of a Tree of Life in his book, The Origin of Species (1872), and trees in general were described beautifully (and famously) by poet Joyce Kilmer.   The PBS program “Nature” features a wide tree in Africa in its opening, and the movie “Avatar” gave the Tree a starring role.    
     So it’s not surprising that artists (including jewelry makers) have added their ideas and interpretations to the Tree of Life.  A quick web search on Tree of Life images will show you a dazzling variety of Tree of Life paintings, photographs, and interpretations, like the one pictured above.
      One of my favorite companies, TierraCast, makes Tree of Life charms, clasps, and links. I've used them in my jewelry for a long time.  

1.       My latest Tree of Life pendants have been made out of wire and gemstone chips.

  I've been working on my own little forest:

    If you've made a Tree of Life pendant or other item, let me know. I'd love to see it.  If you'd like to learn to make one, check out YouTube for great tutorials and ideas.