Monday, January 28, 2013

Adventure in Aventurine

      Since I've retired and joined the Grand Stitchers, I've been making a lot of jewelry.   The one pictured above is made from a bead I bought in Cave Creek at Cosmopolitan Beads and oval tubes made of Aventurine that I bought at Fire Mountain Gems.       Aventurine is a type of quartz that comes in shades of both red and green.
       According to the legend, Aventurine is said to bring good things to you.   Love, jobs, adventure.  Whatever you are longing for.   I don't know if this is true, but Aventurine has been a good stone for me.   
        Earlier this month the Stitchers held another boutique, and I participated with my own table this time.   At the last boutique I had worked the "community table".   Although I sold many items, none of them were my creations.    But this time I had more jewelry to offer and a table of my own. 
       One of the items was a necklace made with ovals of red Aventurine that were a lovely shade of orange/yellow.   They reminded me of orange sherbet.   I added a little of the green Aventurine for accents, too.     I finished it a few days before the boutique, but in the rush of completing everything I forgot to photograph it.   
        I can't photograph it now-- because it became my first necklace sale!    The legend of Aventurine held true.    I went on that day to make two more sales of a different necklace and a decorated bookmark.    Great fun!
         I've used up all the green ovals, but I still have some ovals and small square tubes of the red Aventurine.    Here they are on the beading tray, waiting to be made into something:

      The next boutique will be February 16.  I'm planning to participate again.   So we'll see if the good luck continues...
       We also had a great adventure of a different kind at Olive and Ivy, a restaurant in Scottsdale.  We went there last week to celebrate Kent's birthday.    The day was beautiful, and we sat outside on their patio.    The food was excellent.   Kent had one of his favorites, salmon.   I had sweet potato cannelloni--different and very yummy!   Of course I had to support my goat friends so we started our feast with some delicious spinach and goat cheese bruschetta.    They have a nice wine list, too.  I was able to support more wildlife (at least in name) by having a glass of Elk Cove Pinot Gris.  
        We will definitely come back here again.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

The Sonoran Plaza at Sun City Grand is a winter wonderland--
minus the real snow and cold of winter. 

      We left Arizona in mid-December and returned a few days ago.    Luckily, we flew back to Ohio at just the right time.   Our travel day was clear and sunny, but we woke up to rain.    And it kept raining and raining.    Then it turned to snow.   

       Keenu, our Alaskan Malamute grandpuppy, loved it!
    I like looking at snow, but I was really glad I didn't have to shovel it.   Or try to drive on those icy roads and get to work on time.   We were lucky on the way home, too.   By the time we were scheduled to fly back to Arizona, the roads were clear.  
     Unfortunately we brought the cold weather back with us.   It has frosted here at Sun City Grand for two nights in a row.   Everyone is trying to cover plants and hope for the best.    So we'll see what survives.   
     It's really funny to see some of us (like me) bundled up in winter jackets and hats while our snowbird neighbors are running around in sweaters and shorts.    I've totally acclimated to Arizona weather and feel like I'm freezing if it dips below 50F.    
     Too bad I can't bottle up this cold air and save it for next July.   I'll be wishing for a cool day then.