Saturday, May 18, 2024

Father's Day - Then and Now

 It took over 60 years for Father’s Day to be officially and nationally set aside as Dad's special day. From tragic beginnings in 1908 the idea of honoring our fathers grew until it was recognized as a nation wide day of celebration in 1972.  

A mine explosion in West Virginia was the tragedy that initially started Father's Day. On July 5, 1908 the deaths of 362 men were honored by this local event.   Over the years other events to honor fathers occurred in various cities and states.  Washington state is recognized as the first state to celebrate the day state-wide in 1910. 

President Woodrow Wilson was the first president to celebrate the day in 1924. The idea continued to grow and become popular until it became a national day of tribute in 1972 during the Nixon administration. The date was set as the third Sunday in June. 

A traditional Father's Day celebration includes his favorite food, a decorated cake, and maybe a gift or two. 

If you're looking for a unique Father's Day gift, check out my Obsidian and turquoise bracelet. It's on sale now until Father' Day, June 16.

However you choose to celebrate, have a great day with your dad.

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Thursday, August 17, 2023

Wild West Days

  We’ve been taking a break from the blazing Arizona heat the past few weeks. It’s been a real treat. Cool days with plenty of sunshine. We’re at about 8700 feet so the weather is totally different. I’m loving it, and Tikaan is ecstatic. Here he is enjoying the Yampa River  

   We’re not traveling in a Conestoga, thank goodness. Picturesque though they are, I like my comfy motor home much better.  But if you want to try out a Conestoga, check out Sun Outdoors in Granby, Colorado. They rent out the ones shown above. They’ve been modified with A/C, heat, and a door that locks. Bet the pioneers wished they had had those mods!
     My Etsy shop is on vacation, too, until next week. It should be open on August 24. While I’ve been gone I’ve been needle felting pumpkins and acorns. I hope to have some in the shop soon. 
      Until the, Happy Trails to you!

Monday, July 3, 2023

Wire Jewelry

         I've been fascinated by wire jewelry for a long time.  A few years ago I started working with wire and made a number of Tree of Life necklaces.  Next I moved to wire wrapping stone cabochons.  A few months ago I began making pendants, hearts, and other shapes out of the wire itself. 

         There are lots of great resources to teach you how to work with wire.  There's YouTube videos, pdf patterns, e-books and traditional books. The problem isn't finding resources, it's finding the time to make all the beautiful items.  

          Two of my current favorite designers are Nadja, whose shop on Etsy is ImbaliCrafts, and Valeriy Vorobev, who can be found on YouTube and through e-books. I hope to complete a pendant based on one of  Mr. Vorobev's designs soon.  If you're a beginner, it would be easier to start with a tutorial from Nadja or Yvonne Kennedy from Back to Earth Creations.  

           If you're interested in some pendants that are already made, I have five that are on sale (15% off) thru July 16.  Two of them are pictured below. They can be found at Desert Dabbler Handcrafted Jewelry on Etsy.  Click the button to the right to be zipped there immediately.   The wire necklaces are in the Sale section.  

           Hope to see you there!


Sunday, June 4, 2023

Magical Moonstone



     There's something magical about Moonstone.  The luminous white stone is associated with the moon and its cycles.  According to legend, the ancient Hindus believed that Moonstone held trapped moon beams.  The ancient Romans thought Moonstone's beautiful color came from the stored light of the moon.
                Today Moonstone is considered a stone that can enhance intuition and calm the emotions.
                 It is a "stone of new beginnings", according to Judy Hall in her book, The Crystal Bible.   


          Double Heart Earrings

                 Moonstone and turquoise combined with Sterling Silver ear wires (above) or 14 kt gold (below).  

             Moonstone colors include white, as shown above, as well as blue, peach, and cream.
         White Moonstone is said to encourage spiritual growth.  To see more about these earrings in my Etsy shop, click here for the silver ones and here for 14kt gold.  


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Saturday, May 20, 2023


Need a bracelet for yourself or for a gift?   I'm having a Bracelet Sale in my Etsy shop now through the end of May.  Eight different styles - all for 20% off.   Here are 3 of the 8 styles on sale:

I designed and created this one on a loom.  

These two are peyote stitched - leather added on the sides and ends.

To see all 8 click on the I SELL ON ETSY button on the right.  The On Sale section has these and 5 more bracelets - made just for you!


Wednesday, July 6, 2022



    I belong to a beading group that meets once a week here at Sun City Grand.  Recently two of the women were making multi-strand necklaces.  They were very pretty and very different from one another.  When the other beaders saw them, interest in making these long time favorites grew.  Most of us had made multi-strand jewelry before, but not recently.  They're fun and fairly easy.  The only tricky part is getting the cones attached properly.

     Soon the interest grew into a challenge.  Make one (or more) necklaces and bring them to the club in August.  The only requirement is that they have to have more than one strand.   

      I mixed up a blue bead "soup" and got to work.   Here are the two that I came up with. 

       I'm not sure if I'll make more since we're going away for a few weeks.  If I do, I'll make them in different colors.  But who knows???   Maybe being on vacation will be the perfect time to string a few beads.  




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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Moonstone - Birthstone for June

      Luminous and dreamy, Moonstone is one of the birthstones associated with June.  It's one of my faves, as you can tell if you have searched for Moonstone in my shop.  I have 4 pairs of Moonstone earrings in my shop, Desert Dabbler Handcrafted Jewelry.   

      Moonstone hearts are paired with turquoise hearts in this pair.  A double treat!


Moonstone also comes in pink, as shown in these earrings.  Blue and rainbow are other popular colors.

Moonstone is considered to be the most feminine stone and brings out feminine energy. It's associated with hope, sensitivity, and abundance.  Many think it inspires intuition and enhances psychic powers.  Whether it does or not, it is definitely one of the prettiest stones to wear.


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