Sunday, December 11, 2016

Night Visitor

We've had a young coyote visiting us the last few nights.  Last night he paused long enough in front of the camera to smile.  

These pictures are from the night before when he stopped long enough to get a drink.  

   About an hour before he showed up one of the rabbits had been right where he's walking. They stay under the big bush to the right a lot of the time.

    On my walk Friday morning I saw a young coyote on the golf course near us. Probably the same one. He looked like he was limping. They have access to plenty of water here, but the rabbit population seems low to me here at our house.  However, on the walking trail I've seen a lot of young ones. I'm sure the coyote is finding enough to eat as long as he stays healthy enough to catch them.
     It's always nice to have visitors, even if only for a minute.