Sunday, June 6, 2021

Mouse in the House!

    A few weeks ago I decided to make some stuffed toys. I had made a few years and years ago and had fun with them.  This time I wanted to make some with clothes, joints, and props.  I'm still gaining on the process, but here are my first ones.

     The large mouse on the left is from a pattern in a vintage magazine.  I made a few changes.  I added the flower in her hair and the felt shoes.  Little black beads became the eyes and nose. I made her tail out of leather instead of fabric, too.  

     The "gentleman" in the red jacket is a wolf doll made from a pattern I bought on Etsy. You can't see his tail in the picture, but it's a cute fabric one.  I made his clothes different than the pattern called for, but otherwire he's close to the pattern.  

      The small mouse that's seated is my first one that can be jointed.  Her pattern cam from a book, How to Sew Little Felt Animals, by Sue Quinn.  The mouse's  head moves, but I didn't have the right size "joints" for her arms and legs. Her tail is made out of leather, a deviation from the pattern but one that I like better.  I made a little pair of gold wire glasses for her, although they need more work.  But she sits on my art desk and seems very content with them.

   My next mouse, and the best so far, is going to be a gift for a gardening friend of mine.  

    This one has a turquoise leather tail to match the ears. The pink whiskers are an improvement on my earlier whiskers, but still not ideal.  But the best part is that the little mouse stands on its own! That was a surprise.  Tomorrow it's going off to its new home. I hope my friend likes it.  
     Have you made any stuffer toys?  Mice???  If so, let me know. I'd love to hear about your experience.

     I already have my next one in the planning process.  New, smaller joints are on order.  New plastic whiskers have already arrived.  I'm looking forward to making another, better little mouse.  Every house needs one.