Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Butterflies in Bloom

Here are a few more pictures from our trip to the Desert Botantical Gardens.

The butterfly on the left is a Painted Lady. At first I thought it was a Buckeye since the coloring is very similar and the identification card showed that Buckeyes might be in the exhibit.
I wanted it to be a Buckeye since Buckeye is the Ohio state tree. It seemed fitting for 3 Ohioans (well 1 and 2 former) to viewing it. But I looked at my original photo again, magnified this time, and saw that it was a Painted Lady. Buckeyes have some circular designs on their wings. I looked at all of my photos, but I could not find one. Maybe they emerge at a different time. I´m not sure.
The butterfly on the right is a Julia.

This butterfly is a Malachite.

This sculpture is by Alan Houser, who was an Apache artist. The photo doesn´t show the detail and beauty of his work, but I had to include it. The DBG featured a number of his pieces, but this was my favorite of the ones on display.

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