Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

The Sonoran Plaza at Sun City Grand is a winter wonderland--
minus the real snow and cold of winter. 

      We left Arizona in mid-December and returned a few days ago.    Luckily, we flew back to Ohio at just the right time.   Our travel day was clear and sunny, but we woke up to rain.    And it kept raining and raining.    Then it turned to snow.   

       Keenu, our Alaskan Malamute grandpuppy, loved it!
    I like looking at snow, but I was really glad I didn't have to shovel it.   Or try to drive on those icy roads and get to work on time.   We were lucky on the way home, too.   By the time we were scheduled to fly back to Arizona, the roads were clear.  
     Unfortunately we brought the cold weather back with us.   It has frosted here at Sun City Grand for two nights in a row.   Everyone is trying to cover plants and hope for the best.    So we'll see what survives.   
     It's really funny to see some of us (like me) bundled up in winter jackets and hats while our snowbird neighbors are running around in sweaters and shorts.    I've totally acclimated to Arizona weather and feel like I'm freezing if it dips below 50F.    
     Too bad I can't bottle up this cold air and save it for next July.   I'll be wishing for a cool day then.     

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