Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lunching with Flamingos

       A few days ago we went to the Wildlife World Zoo to see the baby leopard and "Winter", the baby white tiger.   They're so cute!   

        After walking around to see all the animals,  and back for a second look at the babies, we stopped in at Dillon's.  They used to be located here at Sun City Grand, but they moved.   I really miss their ribs.    

          The day was a little chilly, and we were the only ones eating on the patio.    But they blocked the wind and provided heaters.   I was quite comfy, especially since I was able to watch the flamingos while we ate.    I usually don't spend much time observing them, and I had forgotten how tall they are.   And noisy!!!!     They put on quite a show.

           I'm going to add them to the list of wildlife we need here in Grand.   Right after we get swans, we need flamingos.

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