Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy New Year!

         December flew by for me.    Suddenly its 2014!    Cheers, everyone!
         A few weeks ago, right before we left for our Christmas in Ohio trip, our neighbor gave us these cute skaters.   Since we've been living in Arizona, our yard has been empty of Christmas decorations because we always leave town.   We hang a wreath on the door, but nada else.  
          Our neighbor's yard, on the other hand, is decorated with lots of bright lights and cute Christmas scenes.   I love looking at her place and all the other homes that are decorated so nicely.  
          So I was surprised when this neighbor came over and told me she didn't have room for these two skaters.  She wanted us to have them.   I told her we were leaving soon and might not keep them on, but she said that was okay.   She just wanted to share the fun.   Otherwise, she said, she was going to have to toss them away.      
         I'm not convinced she would actually throw them away.  More likely she was giving us a really nice hint about showing a little seasonal spirit -- so we did.
         Kent placed the skaters on the river rock and set a timer so they would come on while we were gone.    When we returned he added the twinkling lights to accent the "icy" river.    (Glad that ice is as fake as the river!)   
        Now we look festive and fun.   A great way to start the new year.
        Thanks, Neighbor!

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