Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Fairy House Card

    I'm working on a new bracelet project that has a fairy door for the clasp.  It's a WIP that's almost done. I hope to show it here soon.  In the meantime, while trying to find what I wanted for the clasp, I found a variety of fairy doors and fairy houses.  Some were big garden ones and some, like this one, were DIY ones. Perfect for card making.

     I bought some fairy and tree paper at the local Scraps of Love paper store.

   I made a tree pattern and cut it out.  I bought plywood fairy door parts on Amazon and painted them. They came in 4 parts so it was easy to paint.

The only down side is that it costs a lot to mail the card.  The Post Office treats it (and prices it) like a small package. So far they haven't accepted fairy dust as payment either.

Are you a card maker or a DIY'er?  If you'd like free instructions and a list of where to buy the components I used, sign up to follow me.

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