Saturday, May 18, 2024

Father's Day - Then and Now

 It took over 60 years for Father’s Day to be officially and nationally set aside as Dad's special day. From tragic beginnings in 1908 the idea of honoring our fathers grew until it was recognized as a nation wide day of celebration in 1972.  

A mine explosion in West Virginia was the tragedy that initially started Father's Day. On July 5, 1908 the deaths of 362 men were honored by this local event.   Over the years other events to honor fathers occurred in various cities and states.  Washington state is recognized as the first state to celebrate the day state-wide in 1910. 

President Woodrow Wilson was the first president to celebrate the day in 1924. The idea continued to grow and become popular until it became a national day of tribute in 1972 during the Nixon administration. The date was set as the third Sunday in June. 

A traditional Father's Day celebration includes his favorite food, a decorated cake, and maybe a gift or two. 

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However you choose to celebrate, have a great day with your dad.

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