Thursday, August 17, 2023

Wild West Days

  We’ve been taking a break from the blazing Arizona heat the past few weeks. It’s been a real treat. Cool days with plenty of sunshine. We’re at about 8700 feet so the weather is totally different. I’m loving it, and Tikaan is ecstatic. Here he is enjoying the Yampa River  

   We’re not traveling in a Conestoga, thank goodness. Picturesque though they are, I like my comfy motor home much better.  But if you want to try out a Conestoga, check out Sun Outdoors in Granby, Colorado. They rent out the ones shown above. They’ve been modified with A/C, heat, and a door that locks. Bet the pioneers wished they had had those mods!
     My Etsy shop is on vacation, too, until next week. It should be open on August 24. While I’ve been gone I’ve been needle felting pumpkins and acorns. I hope to have some in the shop soon. 
      Until the, Happy Trails to you!

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