Sunday, September 13, 2009

     It´s raining!  Now that may not seem like a reason to celebrate most places, but here in the desert it is.  We have only had about 6 rains this summer, counting this little shower.   Even for the desert, we are dry.  
     We had been at the pool for a couple of hours, floating around, unwinding with all of the other retired and semi-retired.  (I fit into the latter category, and my husband is in the first.)  While we cooled off,   we cloud-watched and speculated about whether or not there was going to be any rain in the cumulous that were building.   Most of the time the clouds move off or break up without dropping any of the precious water here.  
      But not today.   For a few, brief minutes (it is over already), it rained.   Enough to wet the sidewalk--and the interior of my husband´s car before the windows got rolled up.   Maybe there was enough to give the cactus a drink of water.
      There may be a rainbow, too.  We have some spectacular ones, and I´m going to go look.

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