Friday, September 18, 2009

Spock is still missing. He was seen by a few of my friend´s neighbors, which is a good sign. We went again tonight to look around the path he has apparently been taking, but we didn´t find him.

To my surprise, we found a different Desert Tortoise. At first I thought it was Spock, but when I got close to him I realized he was much smaller. He was obviously injured, too. His shell is not smooth and pretty like Spock´s, and there was a piece missing. Looked suspiciously like a coyote bite to me, and I love coyotes.

Even more amazing, someone brought my friend her missing tortoise, only it wasn´t Spock. This was an entirely different tortoise that was found walking on the golf course, very close to the street.

I never would have thought Sun City Grand would have three tortoises wandering around. Of course the real number may be much higher. The good news is that we didn´t see any signs that Spock had been hurt. So we will have to keep looking.

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