Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bicycle Days

Sunday was a great bicycle day, as was today, so we biked to lunch both days. On Sunday we took a long bike ride first, then rode to the Granite Falls golf course for a hot dog.

Kent in front of the snack bar.

Their chili dogs are great. Made with Dillon´s chili, they are a meal in a bun. We each had one of them and then waddled on home.

Posted by PicasaToday was equally great biking weather, so we road to Dillon´s for lunch. They have great specials, and I rarely get to go there except on the weekends. Today the special was Taco Salad, which Kent had. I had a half order of Nachos, which I have never had here. Yummy.

The swan in the photo isn´t real, which is a disappointment. The Association rules forbid us from putting out plastic flowers or yard ornaments, so I think they should have real swans. So do the coyotes.
But at a distance they look real, and unless you´ve read this fine print, you probably think they are.

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