Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pandora - My Find of the Day

 I recently found Pandora, the free internet music service that lets you choose what kind of music you want to hear.   If you haven't tried it yet,  go to http://www.pandora.com/   to check it out. 

My selections so far are the Beatles, Cher, and Native American.  Definitely Retiree-wannabe selections.   But they seem to have music for every mood and taste.  So if you're into heavy metal or rap, go for it.   Meanwhile, I will rock with the Oldies or meditate with the Navajo. 

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Anonymous said...

Love Native American music and the Navajo (the Dineh). Hope to go back to Klagetoh some day and see if that church built in 1974 is still standing. That was a life-changing experience.