Saturday, September 18, 2010

Broadway Comes to Grand

    We had a rare treat on Tuesday night.    I was able to get home from work early enough for us to go to a Grand event.   Sun City Grand always has lots of things going on - club meetings, dances, musical performances, speakers, etc - but most of them are scheduled during the day or early evening.   I'm at work and can't participate.
    But on Tuesday I was able to go to a "Pot Luck" dinner and listen to performers from the Arizona Broadway Theatre perform for us.   Kent and I had been to their theater to see "Miss Saigon", "Bye Bye Birdie" and other performances.   But this was the first time we had been able to see them here at Grand.
    They put on a great show!   For over an hour the performers sang hits from many Broadway shows.   David Errigo, Jr. started the show with "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" from "Oklahoma".  He is a talented singer and in my opinion the show-stealer that night.   He also sang "Suddenly Seymour" from "Little Shop of Horrors" with Maris Fernandes, and did an energetic and comical version of "I Can't Stand Still" from "Footloose".   The other singers were also very talented.  Jeannie Shubitz and Jason Fleck sang "Til There Was You".  Only after the song did we learn that they are a real-life couple.   Amy Wyatt, and Rhys Gilyeat were also wonderful performers.
     We got lucky with the Pot Luck, too.   At our table were 8 other couples who were all very nice and interesting people.  Most of them lived here full time.  One couple has a house in Utah, and they spend 2 weeks each month in each place.  Now that is splitting up your time!
      The food was excellent.  Kent fixed his Southwest Salad that is made with Jicama and caramelized nuts.  Yum!   Since our table got to go through line first, there were plenty of choices.  Ham, chicken, eggplant, and multi-bean baked beans were all great.  I hope the end-of-the-liners were as lucky.   At the end of the evening we both said this is something we hope to do again soon.       

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