Sunday, September 26, 2010

On the Road See Willie

     I went with my friends to Laughlin, Nevada this weekend to see Willie Nelson in concert.  What a great show!   The man is a legend .
        He performed at the outdoor theater at Harrah's to a sold-out crowd.    He'll soon be 77, and he sounded just as good to me as ever.   He sang some songs that alluded to getting older:  "I'm Not Superman" and perhaps a new verse that mentioned a heart attack in "You Don't Think I'm Funny Anymore".  Maybe the lines were true.  Or at least true in the way that great fiction (and songs) are true.   But then again, he is still touring and wowing the crowds.   So for me, I think he's a Super-man.       

This was my first trip to Laughlin, and I hope to go back soon.  It's much smaller than Vegas, but also much more affordable and without the congestion of Vegas.   A fun atmosphere and the slots were good, too.   I didn't come home a huge winner, but I didn't come home a big loser either.  All in all, not a bad outcome.   Heard some great music, saw a legend, and kept my shirt, too. 
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