Saturday, January 15, 2011

Breakfast at San Marcos Cafe

        Last Sunday morning we drove from Albuquerque to Santa Fe along the Turquoise Trail. The Trail is a National Scenic Highway that is a great alternative to taking Interstate I-25.  It goes to the east of the Sandia Mountains, through small, historic towns, past the Cibola National Forest, and through a lot of grasslands.   We saw a herd of buffalo, some really huge cattle, and looked for, but didn't see, antelope.
We were hoping for a place to eat breakfast since we had left Albuquerque early.  But because it was early, the shops were still closed.  They had looked really interesting, and I hope to get back there sometime. 
       But at that moment I was hungry and really needed more coffee.    The caffeine hit from the little cup that I had brewed in the hotel room had long worn off.
     Just as we reached the end of the Turquoise Trail and thought we would have to find something in Santa Fe, we spotted peacocks and turkeys.  They were strutting about in a yard that had a sign that said "Opern".    We had stumbled across the San Marcos Cafe.  

       San Marcos Cafe is described as a country cafe in the European tradition.   The San Marcos Eggs that I had were definitely more Latino than European:  scrambled eggs surrounded by guacamole, green chiles, black beans and diced tomatoes, placed inside a tortilla and covered with cheese.   Yummy!!!    Kent liked his choice, too, and we split a cinnamon roll.   The cinnamon rolls are fresh-baked and looked to be one of their specialties.   It definitely tasted special--and it was huge.    This was a breakfast that took us through the day.   
      On this Sunday morning it was a lively, busy place.   We had a table near the back of the front room that gave me a good view of the interior.    There was a pot-bellied stove, brightly painted chairs, and interesting antiques filling the room.   Near us was a smaller version of an ice box that was very similar to the one that had belonged to Kent's great, great uncle.  
      Off of the main room was another dining room that looked like a newer addition.   Its main attraction were the large windows that offered a great view of the animals that roamed just outside the door.

One of the peacocks.

The turkeys were the largest ones I had ever seen!   They strutted along with the peacocks in the front yard.  What a sight! 

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