Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy 2012!!!

      In my family we had a tradition of eating pork and sauerkraut on New Year's Day.  I'm not sure why, and I hated it as a kid.   It's okay now but I don't keep that tradition.
      Instead, I do on New Year's Day the things I hope to do all year.  It's more fun than making a resolution to lose weight, and I have a much better chance of succeeding.  So I've been writing, making cards, walking, viewing wildlife and partying.    All of these activities are too much for one day so I've expanded New Year's Day into New Year's Weekend.   It worked out great this year.
       I saw a nice sized coyote when I went to the mailbox on Saturday to mail out the last of the year-end charitable contributions.   He was walking between our house and the neighbors.   We both stopped.  I wished him a Happy New Year, and he returned to the back yard.  
       From inside the house, Kent and I watched him sniff under bushes and hunt around the mounds of cacti.   He managed to scare up a few quail, but he didn't find any rabbits.   But that didn't discourage him.  He was having such a good time he was wagging his tail!!!   Neither of us remembered seeing a coyote wag its tail before.   It was fun to see him so happy.   
       Our friends came over later to celebrate Christmas & New Years.  We had left for Ohio before having a chance to celebrate Christmas.   The day was so nice, sunny and in the 70's, that Kent grilled steaks for us.   Much better than sauerkraut! 
       Today I've been writing and making cards.   The New Year is getting off to a great start.  
       So if New Year's resolutions depress you more than inspire, think about changing your tradition.   Do at least one thing you hope to do all year.    You may not lose weight, but you'll be happy.   

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