Friday, January 6, 2012

Spice of Life

          When we left our house in Ohio, we left behind a great spice drawer.   I tried to get one added in our new home, but a spice drawer wasn't on the list of available kitchen options.   Ever since moving in, I've wanted to find one.  
         I'm not sure why I liked the spice drawer as much as I did.   I'm not a great cook, and right now Kent does all of the cooking.  He's better at it, he likes to cook, and he's retired.
       We use a lot of spices, stored in a cabinet near the stove.   They took up two shelves, and the one I wanted was always at the back.   This didn't seem to bother Kent, but I missed my old drawer. 
        Even if I wasn't cooking, I wanted to have another spice drawer.  I like the look, and it gives me hope that someday the other drawers in the house will get organized, too.   
      A few days ago I found one on Amazon.   It didn't cost much, especially compared to the first one, which was part of a semi-custom kitchen.   My new drawer is smaller.   Too small to use the expanders, but the main part fits great.   Kent installed it and put the spices in place.   
      When I looked at them, I was surprised at how they were arranged.   I had alphabetized my old spice drawer, but Kent organized this one by which ones he uses most often.  His favorites in the front row and the least used on the back row. 
      Since he's the cook in the house, I left the drawer alone.   But it made me wonder whether sorting by use is a man-thing or a cook-thing.   
      In any event, it's different.   Which always adds a bit a spice.       

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