Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bead Show Today!


      We went to Scottsdale today to the Rings &Things Bead Show that was held at the
Chaparral Suites Resort.   Kent was a good sport about driving and looking at all of the stones with me.   I came away with a HUGE assortment of different types of jasper.   Oval ones, round ones, square ones.   Some puffed; some matte.

      The Mohave and Kiva rooms were filled with tables of stones, gems, beads, and other goodies.  So many different types of jasper!!!  I would have bought even more but I kept reminding myself that I have one paycheck left until retirement.  Plus I hope to go to the Tucson Gem Show in February.    

     The resort looked like a nice place for tourists to stay.  The location was easy to find and very close to the restaurants and shopping in Scottsdale.
     We had lunch at the Barrio Queen, a Mexican restaurant in old Scottsdale.   The food was good, but very small portions.   Like teeny tiny for the appetizers.   I ordered Queen's Shrimp Quesadilla, anticipating a new variation of my favorite food, quesadillas.  The price was about $9.00, so I expected a lunch size one.    But the appetizer was two small tortillas with one shrimp on each, lots of cheese, including goat cheese, and an "acitrus margarita sauce". It was delicious, but I was expecting a little (okay, a lot) more to eat.   
     Kent ordered a spinach enchilada entree that was much more lunch-sized.   He said it was very good.   My margarita was excellent.  If you try this restaurant, skip the appetizers and tacos.   They were also munchkin size.  The table nearby ordered some of them.
I'm sure we won't go back here since there are so many more places to try and much better Mexican restaurants in town.   If you're in the mood for Mexican food, come to the to Rio Mirage restaurant in Surprise.  It's the best!

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