Sunday, October 14, 2012


Patio Time

          Great weather has finally returned!   We're able to use the patio again, which I had really missed.   With Chef Kent doing the grilling, it's my favorite restaurant.
 I'm doing my part, too, by growing herbs.   The basil, a spicy variety, and the chives are doing well.   They came from Lowe's, which had a limited but healthy looking selection.

  The basil's tag listed it as Albahaca Basil, Nufar, which I had never heard of before.   It has a spicy aroma, which is why I chose it.   I harvested some leaves for the first tune the other night to make a few appetizers.  Using turkey pepperoni (which tastes the same with half the calories), I spread cream cheese on a Triscut and topped it with the pepperoni and a basil leave.   Yummy!

      With only 13 workdays to go to R-day, I've been busy, busy at work.   Trying to get everything in good order before the next person takes over is like rushing to clean up the house before company arrives.  Yikes!!!  
       In between all of that, I'm preparing for LAW (life after work).    I signed up for two beading classes that take place in November.   Classes fill up quickly here so getting dues paid and on the list was a must-do.   My friend, Chris, is taking one of the classes so that should be fun.
       Yesterday Kent & I went to the Sun City Grand Oktoberfest.   There were lots and lots of booths, many of them selling jewelry.  Kent used his chemistry background to help explain resins to one of the artists.  She makes great jewelry but didn't quite understand the resin process.  While they talked shop, I admired the end products.   She makes a lot of steampunk, which was fun to see.   
        I also stopped at the Language Club table and picked up the Spanish classes info sheet.   Can't wait to check them out in November!
        This week will be my last full week with XM radio.  Since I will no longer be driving a gazillion miles a day, I'm not renewing it.  But it has been a life-saver on those loooog commutes through the desert.  I even listened to the V-P debates last week during my  2 1/2 hours on the road (one way). 
         Even though I'll miss my satellite radio, I sure won't miss the driving.


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