Thursday, November 1, 2012


       Today was the first day of my retirement.  It was both happy and sad.   Happy because I've been looking forward to this for quite a while, but sad because I will miss my friends in La Paz.   However, we are already making plans to see Willie Nelson when he comes to Parker next March, plus another Girls' Night Out in Lake Havasu City is in the works. 
       I started the day with an early morning walk.     A Harris Hawk was on the ground in one yard.  It was enjoying something freshly caught.   Unfortunately I didn't have my camera.  (Isn't that always the way of it?)   This was the first time I've seen one with a kill, too.       
      When I returned home, I realized that on a "normal" Thursday I would still be driving to work.   I'm really glad to be finished with that commute. 
     I quickly wrote up a to-do list and started in on it.   However, it is now after 5 o'clock, and  I have yet to finish it.   In fact, I'm only about half way through it.  So much for becoming super-efficient now that I'm home.
      So how did I spend my first day?  
      I did some paperwork.  Seems there's always paperwork to do.   
      I received some positive feedback about an article I submitted to a publisher not long ago.   A very good thing to have happen on my first day home.    Made plans for follow-up work on that.
       Around noon Kent and I went to Vogue Bistro for lunch to celebrate.   We've been wanting to go there for quite a while but had never made it.   They were recently featured on "Check Please", an Arizona public television show that features local restaurants.    We had their French Onion Soup, which was delicious.  They top theirs with a flaky pastry and fill it with lots of cheese and onions.    I would definitely order it again.    I also had their specialty salad, which was also excellent.    Sipped a nice Merlot with it, too.    (Something I couldn't do during working days.)  
         Took a little afternoon nap.  (Something I couldn't admit to doing during working days.)
          Visited with our neighbors who just arrived from Wisconsin.   They're snow birds who are here for the winter.
          Thought about going back to the paperwork stack but then I realized I need to pack up my beading supplies.   Tomorrow is Beading day at SCG.     I have to get organized for that.
           Now it's nearly 6 o'clock.   I should stay and work on that list some more, but the back porch is calling me.  
           Besides, I'm retired now.   There's always tomorrow.....


Margie said...

Congratulations on your retirement! My sister-in-law is a beader who winters in Arizona and we plan on being show birds for a while this winter too. I'll add your blog to my reading list - if we wander over into the Surprise area we will know where to have lunch!
Thank you for adding my blog to your blog list - don't know how you found me, but am glad you stopped by my place for a visit.

Desert Dabbler said...

Hello Margie,
I love your blog about life in Alberta. We've visited Banff and up into Jasper a few times. Can't wait to go back. I love the elk and the mountains. If you come to Surprise we will definitely have to "do lunch".