Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Grand Stitchers' Christmas Party

        Today I attended my first party as a retiree--the Sun City Grand Stitchers' party.

The halls were decorated.

So were Chris, Corgi, Kay & me.

Along the walls were quilts from Christmases past.
    It was fun to see everyone dressed up and to see so many other "stitchers".   I'm one of the beaders, and I usually only go to the sewing center on beading day.  
     There were lots of door prizes, but not enough for anyone from my table to win one.    We were only a number or two off, but "close" didn't count.    Maybe next year.   
      Most of the food was the typical banquet menu --  chicken, tossed salad, and some broccoli.   But the garlic baby carrots were unusual and very tasty.    And the cupcake, which was HUGE, was delicious.   Of course I never met a cupcake I didn't like. 
       This Friday the beading group has their own party.  I'm loving retirement! 


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