Saturday, October 5, 2013


     The newest visitors to the neighborhood have been javelina.   I haven't seen them here, but our neighbor, Irene, saw two in her yard.     
      Here's what a typical javelina looks like:


       Although they look like a small pig, they're from the peccary family.    Fish and Game has info on them here:  
       He's not a beauty, that's for sure.   This pix came from a Tucson newspaper since none of us have been able to photograph one.  
       I saw a small herd a few times while I was driving through the Aquila area, which didn't surprise me.   It is very rural out that way.   Having them here inside Grand surprised me.  
       When we were walking last night, we passed a couple who said they had just seen one crossing the street.   We kept a look-out, but we never saw any.   
        We know they've been to our yard, though, because they knocked pads off of the Indian Fig cactus and ate bites out of it.  

     I love the wildlife here, especially the coyotes and roadrunners.   But the javelina can keep on traveling as far as I'm concerned.    

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