Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Desert in Bloom - White Tanks Park

The wet weather in February has paid off in beautiful wildflowers. The desert is now green and lush.
These photos were taken at the White Tanks, a Maricopa County park near where I live. One of my favorite places for a Sunday visit, which this was. The pix were taken March 25. The blue Lupines were spectacular.
I´m not sure of the name of this cactus. Claret Hedgehog, perhaps? The color was too good to pass up. Had to get down on my knees to get a close up, too!

These are Mexican Gold Poppies. We also sawBrittlebush and lots of blooms, which means I must go back next weekend. The creosote bushes smelled so good, too. I love their scent, although I know it isn´t for everyone.
We didn´t see any wildlife other than a few birds. I said it was too early for rattlesnakes--but I was wrong! Someone told me her neighbor had gone for a family hike this week and saw one in the parking lot!
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