Sunday, April 11, 2010

White Tanks Park Continues Its Show

Three weeks ago we went to the White Tanks and took photos of the wildflowers. Today Kent and I went out again. The Brittlebush was spectacular. The hillsides are awash with their yellow flowers. Kent took this photo of the saguaro surrounded by them.

The cactus in the center is a type of cholla. They look soft and harmless--but they´re not!

We saw four lizards today. This was one of the bigger ones. When we were here 3 weeks ago, we didn´t see any. They have come out around our house, too. They dart from shrub to shrub, taking care to not be too easy of a target for the Roadrunners and other large birds that eat them.

Posted by PicasaThis is a hedgehog cactus. Beautiful!

For some reason Blogger didn´t want to upload more than 4 pictures today. I have lots more--but I will have to save the others for the next time.

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