Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Agave Sways in the Wind

The octopus agave reached its peak a few days ago.

The bees have enjoyed it for weeks now since as the bottom flowers faded, the top ones opened. The plant is so tall that I can´t get a close-up of the whole plant in one picture.

Here is the top section at its peak:

Last week it was really windy. I watched the agave sway in the wind and hoped it wouldn´t topple over. Fortunately it is fine. The wind was very strong, but all of our plants made it.
On one night, Thursday, I drove through herds of tumbleweeds on my way home from work. At least it seemed like a herd of them. Must have been at least 15-20. The wind blew them across the road in waves. I have never seen so many tumbleweeds at one time. There was no way to avoid hitting a few of them, so I came home with suvenirs in my grill. They looked lovely. Went well with the windshield bug bodies that I collect each night as I drive through Wenden and Aquila this time of the year.

Speaking of wind: The newspaper reported that Joe Arpaio decided to not run for governor. Good news! Maybe he read this blog. !!!smiles!!!

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