Thursday, May 6, 2010

House Finches in My House

Last week I noticed a pair of House Finches hanging around the casita courtyard, especially one bush that we have planted in a large pot. Over a few days we noticed that the plant was getting thinner. Then we saw the reason--it was being used as prime building material for a House Finch nest. In this photo their new home peeks out of the end tile, and the happy couple watches me take their picture.

Proud Papa-to-be

The House Finch is one of the most common species here, but being common doesn´t make him any less beautiful.

His Latin name is Carpodacus Mexicanus. Hmmm. Does that mean he is originally from Mexico? Be careful, Carpodacus Mexicanus. Until SB 1070 is tossed out, you better keep your papers close at hand. Sheriff Joe may come after you, too.

Proud Mama-to-be---with a piece of our plant in her mouth.

Our much thinner Australian plant, which is now being put to a higher use.

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