Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother´s Day

When I arrived home today, these lovely flowers were waiting for me. What a great surprise! I am very lucky to have such a thoughtful son.

Mother´s Day is such a nice holiday for those of us who have our mothers or who have thoughtful children. I know that this isn´t true for everyone, and I am aware of how lucky and blessed I am to have both in my life.

I was in Tucson this weekend, and I stopped at the San Xavier del Bac Mission this morning. It is such a beautiful, peaceful place. Located on the reservation of the Tohono Oóhdam, the mission was founded in 1692 by Father Kino. Construction of the church took fourteen years, from 1783-1797. In addition to the church itself, there is a wonderful museum and other restored buildings and gardens.

In the parking area some local people were making frybread--yummy!!! Frybread is a Native American treat that is deep fried, similar to Elephant Ears that we used to get at fairs in Ohio. But frybread is more versatile. Some of it is sweet and covered in honey, cinnamon or powered sugar. But they also will fill it with beans or meat. However it is fixed, it is delicious. Today I had mine with cinnamon, and Kent had his with honey.

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