Friday, February 4, 2011

Arizona Chilly

         The whole country is in the deep freeze at the moment, even Arizona.   Currently it's a cold 27 F.   Yesterday was even colder and windier.   When I went walking at 6:30 a.m. with my friend, Chris, I was bundled up from head to toe.  I noticed that she had on two layers of coats, and we both were wearing gloves.   
         I had another Ariziona first--I spent an entire day wearing long johns.  !!!    I had bought a beautiful set from Winter Sillks before we went to Yellowstone.   But although it was cold at night in the Park, it warmed up quicky during the day.  I never needed to wear them in Montana.   Yesterday I put them on  before my morning walk, and I kept them on all day.   The casita was chilly, and it never warmed up outside enough to be comfortable.   
         Kent moved as many courtyard flowers as he could to the garage and covered up the remaining ones.   But yesterday the wind blew all day and night, and the frost cloth wouldn't stay on the plants.   The back yard is the same.   We put as many as possible next to the house under the patio roof, but we couldn't get the covers to stay on.   The wind was fierce.  We'll just have to wait and see how many have to be replaced.    

           A few years ago it froze our irrigation pipe, and many people lost their ficus trees.  We had never planted any of the them, but our former neighbors were from California and had one in their side yard.  After the freeze they replaced it with an Arizona tree, which was a good decision.    We put extra insulation around the irrigation pipe. 
           Today is suppose to be less windy, and a little warmer.  By the weekend we may be back to normal.    We going to the Heard for the Hoop Dance competition on Sunday, and I'm hoping for warm weather to return.       

 BTW--Winter Silks is having a great sale right now, and they have a lot more than just long underwear.  Happy shopping!
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